Plastics, which is mainly produced from the "oil" raw materials, as well as other organic waste potentially keeps an enormous amounts of energy, which is currently being literally thrown out. So, the idea arose to turn waste into a clean fuel - methanol.

However, all previously known options for recycling used organic matter into valuable fuels were associated with high energy consumption in the reprocessing process, making production unprofitable. Currently, only a few technology developers have managed to get practical results with reasonable energy consumption in the recycling process. Our technological solution allows you to convert almost any organic waste (RDF) into liquid fuel.

The application of the new technology will allow the production of cheap, high-quality fuel, and will significantly reduce environmental pollution.

The technology we offer is innovative and high-yielding. Our technological solution allows optimal conversion of RDF waste to biomethanol.

In other words, 0.5 kg of fuel can be obtained from 1 kg of RDF waste.

The process is based on chemical fission of plasma (TP) - heating of RDF waste without combustion. The resulting product is biomethanol that fully meets the standards.

The recycling process does not require significant energy consumption or emissions